2022 Disney Forms (click links and print)

For those who may have missed the booster meeting on September 22, the link below will redirect you to the permission forms handed out at the meeting regarding the 2022 Festival Disney Trip.

Completed paperwork and the first payment for the Festival Disney trip is due Tuesday, September 17; Paperwork must be notarized. 

For your convenience, we will have notaries free of charge available in the Briggs Center on Thursday, September 23 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. **Please do not sign Page 5 of the registration form until you are in the presence of a notary.**

The total cost of the trip for students is $900.00 and may be broken up into six payments of $150.00 due September 23, October 15, November 15, January 15, February 15, with final payment on March 15. 

This price includes transportation, hotel, Universal and Disney park tickets, and all meals.

Remember, after the first 10 raffle tickets you sell, 100% of your ticket sales directly offset the cost of your child’s Disney trip.

Student Festival Disney Registration Form

Any questions regarding payments, last years ticket sales, and balances, please contact booster Treasurer, Kim Pausina at spsmarchingwolves.treasurer@gmail.com


Family Park Ticket Options

We are extending our Marching Wolves group rate on park tickets to families traveling to Disney. 

Tickets are tax-free and non-refundable. No additional ticket orders, changes or cancellations can be made. 

We try our best to secure the tickets in advance to afford everyone the opportunity to book fast passes, however with a group of our size, sometimes our tickets are received only weeks in advance of our trip. Please keep that in mind it you choose to order tickets through the Marching Wolves. 

Please email Booster Treasurer Lisa Beaumont at spsmarchingwolves.treasurer@gmail.com to place an order.