**IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ** All St. Paul’s COVID protocols will be enforced. If you have any concerns about your child’s safety or if you have already planned a vacation during the scheduled dates, these events are not mandatory. Please let Mr. Moran or Coach Morgan know as soon as reasonably possible if your child will not be participating so we can plan accordingly! Thank you! 
The schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday, February 6th, 12:30pm, City of Covington Porch Celebrations (call time 12:00pm at the Briggs)
  • Saturday, February 13th, 12:30pm, City of Covington Porch Celebrations (call time 12:00pm at the Briggs) 

On both days, please feed your child before they come to school. We will only be providing a snack after the events.
We will be marching two different routes through Covington on the successive Saturdays. 
The Marching Wolves will begin and end the events at St. Paul’s school, so no buses will be used.

  • Uniforms for the boys will be dri-fit polo shirts and khaki PANTS (no shorts). BLUE St. Paul’s sweatshirts may be worn if the weather is chilly.
  • If your student does not have a BLUE sweatshirt, please let us know. 
  • Letter jackets are not approved for these events.  
  • Golden Blues should wear their formal blue uniforms.

As these are smaller local events there will be no chaperones required. 
More details will be provided as we get closer to the events. As mentioned earlier, please make sure to have the Band App installed on your phone as we will advise through the app the expected return time for the Marching Wolves each day.
Again, thank you all for your understanding as per these Covid times things remain quite fluid!

St. Patrick's Day Parade - CANCELLED