Krewe of Cleopatra - February 14
Call time 2:30pm depart 3:45pm
Chaperone call time 3:15pm

Crew of Olympia - February 15
Call time 4:15pm depart 4:45pm
Chaperone call time 4:15pm

Crew of Carrollton - February 16
Call time 8:45am depart 9:30am
Chaperone call time 8:45am

*****Wal-Mart Parade****

​Thursday, February 20, 2020
10:00 a.m.
The Band will be in full uniform for the Wal-Mart parade held during school hours on Thursday, February 20.   Please make sure your sons leave the house in the morning with their white long-sleeved band shirt and clean band shoes.  The in-store Wal-Mart Parade is scheduled for 10:00 a.m.

Pizza will be served for lunch when they return to campus.

Crew of Hermes - February 21
Call time 2:15pm depart 3:15pm
Chaperone call time 2:45pm

Crew of Endymion - February 22
Call time 12:30pm depart 1:15pm
Chaperone call time 12:30pm

Crew of Bacchus - February 23
Call time 2:30pm depart 3:00pm
Chaperone call time 2:30pm

Crew of Rex - February 25 MARDI GRAS
Call time 6:30 am depart 7:15 am
Chaperone call time 6:30 am

St. Patrick's Day Parade - CANCELLED